Visiting The Orangutans In Borneo


A species that is native to the Bornean and Sumatran islands, orangutans are great apes that have high intelligence and knowledge in using advanced tools. They have been found to have the ability to form their own cultural norms in the wildlife. They are covered with red or brown hair from head to toe and share about 97% of human DNA. They live on fruits, barks, bird eggs, honey, and insects.

In Borneo, the orangutans are a popular tourist attraction. If you plan to check out these endangered species up close, the following are places in Borneo that you should include in your itinerary:

Batang Ai National Park

Nestled in the eastern portion of Malaysia, the Batang Ai National Park is home to a tropical rainforest that serves as a home to a variety of rare animals and plants. It is conserved and preserved by a local community that acts as guardians to this rich wildlife sanctuary. It can be reached by getting on a boat that traverses the rivers.

Aside from orangutans, it also has hornbills, a type of bird that has a long and curved beak, and gibbons, another ape species that belongs to the lesser ape category due to their smaller frame and weaker brain capabilities.

Ketapang Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

The natural habitat of orangutans continues to face threats, so various efforts to rescue and relocate them have been formed. The Ketapang Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is an orangutan rescue mission that aims to save orangutans that have lost their homes and rehabilitate them to be released later on to the safe and protected areas of the Bornean forests.

Found in the Indonesian portion of Borneo, in the small town of Kalimantan, the rehabilitation center is manned by volunteers who feed and treat the rescued orangutans.

Maliau Basin Conservation Area

Situated on the island of Borneo, in central Sabah, the Maliau Basin Conservation Area is a rather untouched natural treasure, covered in tall, mighty, green trees, with an active and thriving animal kingdom that includes orangutans.

Visitors who want to explore this pure and majestic paradise can partake in numerous nature activities, like hiking and trekking, as well as jumping into the crystal clear waters flowing down the splendid waterfall.

Semenggoh Wildlife Center

Established in 1975, the Semenggoh Wildlife Center has become a home for many orphaned, injured, and rescued wild animals, including orangutans. It is an organization that is focused in protecting and rehabilitating orangutans and other wild animals that have lost their families, suffered from injuries, and been held captive illegally.

Animals at the rescue center are given intensive medical examinations and kept in cages while they recover. They are fed and taught different survival methods by allowing them to interact with the older animals. Young orangutans, for example, are left to observe how the older orangutans climb up trees, search food, and swing from one branch to another, so they can prepare themselves for the time when they are fully healthy and released back into the protected Forest Reserve, just next to the center.

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