Ten Travelling Families You Should Follow On Instagram


Want some inspiration for your plans to travel around the world with your family? Check out the following Instagram accounts of travelling families:

Andrea Fellman

Author of the Wonderlust Living blog, Andrea Fellman posts beautiful photos of her journeys with her husband and kids around the world to Instagram. An adventure-seeker who has tried bungee jumping, para-gliding, zip-lining, and skydiving, her craving for adrenaline-pumping experiences did not stop when she started her own family. Today, they live in Costa Rica and are heading to Whistler, BC next.

Finn Beales

Finn Beales’ Instagram account is simply mesmerizing. He has captured through photos over a thousand magnificent sceneries he and his son have encountered on their trips to different countries around the world.

Hawkeye Huey

At the age of five, Huey has already been to more countries than most adults, thanks for having Aaron Huey as a father who works as a photographer for National Geographic. His Instagram posts are taken using analog camera and are pretty impressive for a photographer as young as he is.

Girl Gone Travel

Owned by Carol Cain, a seasoned travel writer and photographer, Girl Gone Travel chronicles her stories of travelling with her husband and three sons through photos. Her works have been featured on Huffington Post Travel, Forbes Travel Guide, German OK! Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and New York Family Magazine.


Globetotting aims to provide helpful ideas to families looking for adventurous travel experiences. Whether it is a weekend trip to a theme park or a month-long vacation in Southeast Asia, it wants parents and kids to make well-informed decisions regarding family vacations through the photos that it features on its Instagram account.

Mommy Musings

Food and lifestyle blogger Stefanie Fauquet posts wonderful photographs of amazing landmarks and attractions from her and her family’s trips to Asia, Europe, South America, and other places. She is based in Florida, married to a blogger, and has a 10-year-old daughter.

Travel With Bender

Travel With Bender is a family travel account that features the Bender family of four — dad, mom, daughter, and son. They left their homeland Australia in 2012 and have been travelling the world for the past three years. They have visited many countries in the Middle East, Europe, Central and North America, and Asia.

Traveling Canucks

A Canadian family whose passion for travelling is unparalleled, the Wears have seen the pyramids in Egypt, dipped in the clear waters of Malaysia, and trekked the Machu Picchu. Now that they have two adorable kids, they continue to tour the globe to show everyone that travelling with family is possible.

Tsh Oxenreider

A travel blogger and podcast host, Tsh is a travel junkie who is currently exploring the world with her husband and three under-10-year-old kids. Based in Oregon, they have been to Italy, England, Jerusalem, and more.

Walking On Travels

Married with two kids, Keryn believes that being a wife and a mother should not stop any woman from pursuing her lifelong dream of seeing the world. So, she continues to explore the world with her family, having taken numerous trips in the past five years.

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