Road Tripping in Thailand?


A motorcycle tour or road trip of any kind is probably classed as the iconic sense of freedom – the wind in your hair, a map in your hand (or GPS these days), and the concrete of the road below you; basically, a road trip is the single best way to explore a country and its passing landscapes.

Having said that however, a road trip is not something you should go into half-heartedly, because planning is vital. Do you have the right licence? Have you checked your insurance needs? Is your vehicle adequate? Do you even know where you’re going?

It’s for these reasons, and the last reason especially, that a pre-planned itinerary is almost always the best way to go.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to travel around, and it is so easy to do too, thanks to a great transport network, and a very accessible and laid-back feel to the country overall. Many people choose to head to the idyllic beaches or the huge cities, but the landscapes and experiences to be had in-between these places is certainly up there with some of the best you will see.

If you’re a biker of any kind, be it experienced or not, a motorcycle tour could be one of the best holiday experiences you will ever have. Vintage Rides offer customised motorcycle tours in Thailand, designed in detail to take you through the best sights on offer. You can choose between a group tour of 12 people, where you can make new friends for life as you have this amazing experience, or you can opt for a private tour with friends, the choice is yours. The itineraries are set and are designed with ease of travel in mind, however all ability levels are catered for, so this isn’t an issue from the start.

There are many tours on offer, starting at different points, with Chiang Mai being one of the most popular places to begin; this is the gateway to the beautiful and downright stunning northern portion of Thailand, and a tour here will certainly leave you lost for words; remember to clear up that camera memory card, because you’re going to be needing the space!

You can be assured that your tour has everything covered, including insurance and all the small bits of information that you might have left out if you’d tried to design the trip yourself. Experts know what they are doing, so let them do their job, and this leaves you to enjoy the perks of their knowledge, without lifting a finger!

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