Road Trip 101


If you are planning on heading off on a road trip, you’re in for a true adventure to come.

No matter where in the world you are going, you can be sure that you will see some amazing sights, experience something truly different to the usual static kind of holiday, whilst also feeling as free as it is possible to feel.

Of course, there a few things you need to bear in mind when heading off towards the horizon on four wheels, and if you overlook them, you could find yourself in a little trouble. To save this happening to you, here’s what you need to know.

Make sure your car is maintained

If you are using your own car, take it to a mechanic before you go and have it checked over properly; if you are hiring a car, then ask to see the MOT history, or similar, and if you still feel a little unsure, again, get it checked over by a mechanic quickly. You can often find car servicing or car batteries on the road if you need to, but it’s always better to cover all of these bases before you go. Make sure your oil is topped up, your battery is working well, and there are no gremlins lurking.

Leave anything valuable at home

Don’t leave anything of any value in your car, instead leave it at home. If you do need to take something valuable with you, perhaps a phone or tablet, never leave them in plain sight. This of course means never leaving your valuable items on the back seat of the car for all to see, and instead putting them in the glove compartment, a locked box in the boot, or under the back seat – whatever works for you.

Check your route very carefully

If you are heading out into the wilderness, be careful that you have planned your route properly. Of course, no matter where you are heading you need to check that your route is perfect, but even more so if there is little in the way of ‘life’ where you are going. Consider a SIM card which gives you 3G allowance, so you can connect to Google Maps, in case you get lost. Always keep your sat nav charged up too, just in case! We also shouldn’t need to tell you to keep your phone charged up too, just in case you need to call for help.

Have a survival box in the boot

‘Survival box’ is probably a slightly worrying name, but it’s not really meant to be that dramatic. What we basically mean is a box which will contain supplies to keep you going in the event of a break down, whilst you are waiting for help to arrive. Think along the lines of a warm blanket, energy bars, flask, perhaps soup, you get the idea. A first aid box is also a must have, including basic medical supplies, in the event of a problem.

This might sound all very basic, but many people forget the basics in the excitement of it all – don’t make that mistake, cover these bases and you’re good to go.


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