Need to Make Some Extra Cash?


Here’s a few ways to boost your bank balance

From time to time we all find ourselves a little short on spare cash, and when this is a temporary blip, it’s entirely normal to look around for ways to boost your bank balance make life that little bit easier. Of course, if this is an ongoing and more serious issue, then it’s much more sensible to seek expert advice, but on the whole, a short-term cash-flow issue can be solved with a little outside the box thinking.

For instance, we all want to head off on our next holiday, but sometimes finding the cash to be able to do that is difficult. Well, thankfully there are a few ways you can save cash here and there, as well as a few innovative ideas to make a little extra money.

If you’re nodding your head and wondering what these little ways can be, check out these few suggestions.

Do you have a talent?

If you have a particular talent, such as writing or photography, then you can easily make a little extra cash by using that talent to your own aims. Freelancing is a great way to boost your bank balance, although do remember that if you are going to use this for cash then you will need to register as self-employed in many instances; it’s more about checking out the small print, but this is certainly a money making scheme if you do have a talent you can use.

Sell your junk

EBay is a wonderful thing, and if you have old clothes or belongings that you no longer want or need, why not list them and see if you can make a little extra cash? You will lose a little on eBay fees, but that is minimal on what you will make.

Online gaming

This is one which must be approached with caution in terms of moderation, but provided you set yourself a gambling budget, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a little online gaming, whilst also trying your luck in terms of winning a little something extra. There are countless sites you can try, such as for example that you can try especially when you are travelling or simple just killing time.

Cancel the ongoing Direct Debits you don’t need

Do you have a gym membership you don’t use? Do you have a mobile phone contract which is up for expiry? Check what you have coming out of your bank every month and make some tweaks here and there if possible. If you are bound to a contract you may not be able to do anything about it, but calling the company and discussing your options can occasionally yield some favourable results. On top of this, look at switching your energy suppliers too, as this can lower your bills due to competition between the major energy companies.

These are just a few suggestions which may not only save you money, but also make you money too. Whilst these ideas are probably never going to make you rich, they will give you a little boost that could see you through a short-term cash-flow issue, and make that next upcoming holiday much more likely to happen.


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