Memory Making This Vacation


So you’ve done it. You’ve decided to take the whole family on a vacation for some quality time spent together. Sure, the thought of a little escape away from the kids did tempt you, but when you really thought about it, you realized that these kids will be kids for so short. The memories you create with them will last a lifetime. So before they’re too-cool to hang out with you, you may as well take them along on this vacation.

You’ve done your research to find the best destinations to take your family on vacation and have finally decided on one. Now all that’s left to do is tell the kids, pack your bags and pile on the sunscreen!

Sure enough, the moment you touch down and breath in that fresh, fruity air, one of the kids starts moaning that they’re hungry. The other kid starts pinching the younger kid, who in turn starts crying. And suddenly all those thoughts about leaving the kids behind with grandma start creeping back into your mind. You calmly tell your family to “cool it” while reminding yourself to do the same before you completely lose your temper and ruin the entire trip.

Luckily, a taxi ride and juice-box later, your kids have found themselves happily jumping into the cool clear waters at the hotel pool while you and your wife lounge by the poolside with a cocktail in hand. As you watch your kids smile and splash, all doubts about this family trip evaporate. Just like that. This is the best idea you’ve had in a long time. The smell of sunscreen mixed with chlorine and french fries at the pool bring back your own childhood memories. And you know you’ve made the right decision to make this vacation a family one.

Of course spending time with the kids is an important part of creating memories to last a lifetime, but we understand that you also need a little down-time too. When the kids are asleep for the night, or if they’re preoccupied with the kiddies activities at your hotel, use this time as best as you possibly can. We recommend reading a good book, going for a walk along the beach, catching up on some sleep or going online where you can play new casino games instantly. This way you get the downtime you deserve, and who knows – you might even find you’re on a winning streak!

So whether you opt for a winter getaway or a sunshine stopover these holidays, make sure to take the whole family along. And don’t forget to bring your tablet or laptop for a bit of real fun.


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