Macau opens a kid-friendly luxury resort themed after cartoon characters


The thing about Macau is it’s mostly known for its nightlife and casinos. What most people don’t know is that it’s becoming more kid-friendly thanks to business owners turning special administrative regions into wholesome place for the entire family.

Melco Crown Entertainment, the group responsible for building Macau’s impressive City of Dreams, opened its newest luxury resort last year that aims to bring together kids and the kids-at-heart. The new resort, called Studio City, offers exclusive attractions themed after DC comics, Hanna-Barbera, and Warner Brothers’ most beloved characters.

The Batman Dark Flight is Studio City’s flagship attraction for children. It is the world’s first commercially licensed Batman ride that delivers an exciting and adrenaline-pumping adventure in a 4D action-packed motion ride. The ride allows guests to experience what it’s like to glide from one tower to another while fighting some of The Dark Knight’s fiercest enemies.

There’s also a Fun Zone in Studio City, which is a whopping 40,000 square foot playground packed with activities. Fun Zone is made up of a series of different zones based on their favorite characters. This wonderland of play areas offers experiences such as ball pits, swinging platforms, climbing walls, allows children to get behind the wheel of a ‘play’ car at the DC Comics Superhero Raceway, a ton of arcades, and plenty of other exciting features. For toddlers, there’s the Tom & Jerry Picnic Playground that is filled with toddler-safe apparatuses designed to look like giant fruit and food packaging.

Studio City is just another example of Macau trying to rebrand itself in the same way Las Vegas has recently. Macau’s demise has been well reported by major media outlets, thus the destination has began making a lot of its establishments child-friendly so not to pigeonhole itself as a destination for partygoers.

Additionally, Macau has been greatly impacted by the surge in online platforms, which have reduced the gaming profits of many of Macau’s major casinos. The development and evolution of casino staples such as slot games, has meant that digital platforms now receive the latest releases quicker than many of the land-based establishments. Gaming Realms states “consumers have changed media consumption habits,” thus more gamers are accessing titles online as opposed to going to casinos. Gaming Realms, whose properties include Mega Moolah on entertainment hub Spin Genie, feel that the worldwide gaming industry has now gone mobile and that has forced places like Macau to adopt new strategies for better long term yields. In this case, it’s providing entertainment for all the family.

Learn more about Studio City through the eyes of Herald Sun.


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