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Most people love the idea of travel to far-distant places. There’s so much to see, do and learn, and everything feels new and is interesting. As everyone knows, foreign travel, especially to an exotic location like Sri Lanka can be an expensive business for some, but it needs not to be. One way to cut down on costs and increase the pleasure of being in a foreign land, simply try a popular holiday destination, like Negombo just 10 kilometers away from the main airport known the “Coconut Triangle”.




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Sri Lanka holidays involve going abroad to stay in a family in their home for a short period and living among the members of the family as one of them. Use a travel comparison site to find cheap flight deals to whichever destinations you want or low-priced accommodation opportunities at that destination. There are plenty available for those who would prefer enjoying their holidays in a comfortably furnished holiday with a range of villas, flats, holiday homes and apartments that come with rates that won’t put a large dent in your finances. 

The whole idea taking Hikaduwa is also known and been popular with their golden sand beach and palm trees over crisp blue waters is a cultural exchange. This is a generally new idea of holidays but is fast gaining notice among those who wish to immerse themselves in local culture and customs. Your host family in Sri Lanka will be more than happy to share their day-to-day lives with you and introduce you to their culture and lifestyle. 


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In exchange, they want to know about you and your country, and if English is not their native language, they’ll be hoping to improve it by speaking with you. It’s a great way to make friends and get an understanding of the country you’re visiting. A home stay will give you a much bigger understanding of a country than any tourist could ever hope for and forms a deeper bond between you and your adoptive family.  

Try to avoid those that do it purely for profit. If you’re paying hotel rates for a home stay, you may as well stay in a real hotel, as you’ll get none or few of the benefits of a genuine home stay. If your host is offering home stay purely as a business, then they won’t be spending much time with you. You’ll just be another tourist. While it’s fine for your host to expect payment to cover expenses or even to make a little extra money, doing it purely for profit goes against the spirit of the holidays.

There’s really no better way to know a country and its people than by staying with a typical family. Not only will you have a fantastic holiday time and make genuine friends, but you’ll also be doing your bit for international relations.  Sri Lanka holidays are definitely worth considering.


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