Heading Off On Holiday?


Don’t forget these important items

When you’re ready to head off on your annual holiday it’s easy to forget something important in the midst of all the excitement. Of course, what to pack is vital – you don’t want to be running out of shoes in the middle of a holiday, however we are talking about the extremely important things, such as health care and of course, your passport.

If you’re soon to be jetting off, make sure these items are in your hand luggage.


Make sure that you have at least six months’ validity left on your passport after the date you return home. On top of this, keep it safe at all times!


You might not need one, but you might do too, so be sure to check this out ahead of time. Much of the time you can either purchase your visa online, or you can buy it at the airport desk when you arrive, however there are some destinations which require a more formal process so again, check this out ahead of time.

Travel insurance

Never ever travel without adequate travel insurance. In the event of a problem you will be happy you spent half an hour searching your options and purchasing your policy. Remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions, and always print out the certificate and contact details, storing it safely in your hand luggage.


The European Health Insurance Card is a must have if you are travelling from an eligible country into a destination which is within the EEU and Switzerland. This little piece of plastic may be small in size but it packs a huge punch in terms of benefits, especially when you consider the fact that you can access state healthcare in the event of an emergency, without having to worry about the cost. There are some limitations country to country, so check these out, but generally speaking, ordering your free EHIC online will save you a world of worry. Routine antenatal care is also covered, provided you can prove you didn’t travel there with the sole intention of giving birth in that country; pre-existing medical conditions are also covered, again as long as you can prove you didn’t travel there to access free treatment. Order your card today or head online for your EHIC renewal!

Flight tickets and confirmations

You might not have an actual paper ticket for your flight nowadays, as many are paperless, but you will probably have a booking reference or confirmation number that you will need to show at the check in desk, and it’s always a good idea to have this printed out. In addition, make sure you print out any hotel reservation confirmations and transfer receipts, to avoid any issues when you arrive.


Finally, don’t forget your spending money! Whether you change your cash into the local currency or you decide to use the cashpoints overseas, remember to think about how you’re going to store your cash safely. If you’re planning to use cashpoints, make sure you advise your bank and put a travel marker on your account, to avoid any problems.

Tick off these items and you should be more than covered for your upcoming travels.


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