An Epic Show


If you have ever been to Vegas before, you will know and understand the importance of its shows.

A Las Vegas show is not just about seeing a concert or a musical for a few hours’ entertainment, it is about a night of sheer fun, joy, vibrancy, enjoyment, and downright wonder – this is what makes a Vegas show so special, and sets it apart from everything else.

Some of the world’s biggest musical stars have played residencies in Vegas, including Rod Stewart, Elton John, Celine Dion (currently playing), Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears – these are just a handful, and you will also find many stars heading to the Strip to play one off shows across the year too, so it’s certainly worth checking out what is happening during your planned visit.

The large themed hotels are where it’s at in terms of shows, and most have a set show which is it famed for, e.g. The Luxor is home to Criss Angel’s Mindfreak. If you love Cirque du Soleil however, Vegas is your home, because there are currently five big acrobatic magic shows by the franchise, including O, Zumanity, Michael Jackson ONE, and The Beatles LOVE – some of these are only available in Vegas itself!

World famous Penn & Teller have a home in Vegas, and Celine Dion is currently playing her residency in Caesars Palace. How about Carrot Top? Blue Man Group? Dream? The list really does go on, and you will find shows shifting and changing across the years. For instance, the last time I visited, I watched an epic performance of The Lion King at Mandalay Bay.

Finding official Las Vegas show tickets is not as difficult as you might think, but it’s very important to make sure you go down the right route, e.g. through official website vendors or the Box Office itself. Never give your cash to ticket touts on the street – they are not official, you will end up with less cash in your pocket, and the ‘ticket’ you are given will not be official – this all adds up to very costly disappointment.

Vegas is not all about shows however, as you are no doubt aware – you can gamble your fortune away (not at all advised – stick to a budget), eat until you can’t eat anymore, shop ‘til you drop, party ‘til dawn and onwards, or you can visit one of the most natural of wonders – the Grand Canyon.

Whatever you choose to do when you visit Vegas, one this is certainly for sure – you will need another holiday to recover!


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