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Certain cities are made by reputation, usually down to history in many cases, and whether it is positive or negative history examples, the legacy lives on, and gives the city a legendary status. There are countless cities the world over, and many in Europe which are easy to get to, thanks to low cost airlines, but one city which stands out above many others is Berlin.

The German capital city is famous for its former wall, WWII, the Cold War, and its many landmarks which give nods to its history. Despite that however, Berlin is a vibrant, diverse, and popular city to visit for more modern-day activities, such as shopping, gastronomy, and nightlife. You will find countless nationalities visiting the city, as well as residing there, which gives it a diverse cultural feel.

Berlin city breaks are popular for many of these reasons, but Berlin itself is also a rather cheap city to visit, which adds to its charm. There are many cheap city break deals to be found if you search online, and accommodation is plentiful, so no worries on that score.

The thing to remember is that Berlin is huge, as most capital cities are, and because of that it is separated into various districts and areas. Overall the entire city is busy and bustling, but in a dynamic way, and not in an overly annoying way. There are countless pavement cafes to sit and watch the world go by as a pit stop, and nightlife is certainly bright and colourful, with many clubs and bars to choose from, regardless of which part of the city you venture into. Of course, there are also many museums which help you learn more about the city’s past, and these are a must visit if you want to truly appreciate Berlin for what it is today, as well as what it was in the past.

Mitte is the main centre of the city and this is where most of the history is also to be found. This is the centre of what was East Berlin back in the day, and you will find plentiful old architecture, museums, galleries, historical landmarks, as well as cafes, restaurants, and shopping too. This is a fantastic blend of old and new, and this is also where most of the touristic crowds can be found, so do bear that in mind if you want to see more, and get out earlier in the day.

Those who want to splash the cash and shop should head to City West, as this is where most of the shopping opportunities are to be found. If you want more upscale shopping, this is also a good go-to, and there are some top-class hotels in this area. History doesn’t go spare here either, as you can find Charlottenburg Palace here, as well as the Olympic Stadium.

Noisy and vibrant East Centre is a youthful kind of deal, with trendy stores, clubs, bars, and cafés to enjoy, whereas North is where you will find more space to roam, with a more residential feel. If you want to check out Eastern German history, then East is where you need to head, where you can find a museum about the Soviet Army, as well as Stasi Prison. On a brighter note, there is a large and pretty garden to explore in this area.

We could go on and on about the various specific landmarks that are to be found in Berlin, but basically it’s about exploring on your own steam.


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