5 Single Parent Travel Bloggers You Should Follow


1 Dad 1 Kid (http://1dad1kid.com/)

Owned by a passionate world-traveller, 1 Day 1 Kid features heartwarming stories and fantastic photos of the adventures of Talon Windwalker and his son Tigger.

A jack-of-all trades who enjoys a wide array of hobbies, such as scuba diving, learning new languages, cycling, running, and writing, Taylor had always dreamed of sharing the wonders of exploring foreign cultures with his children.

After many years of working in the medical field, he finally decided to pack his bags and start his journey around the world in 2011 with his then-9-year-old son. In the past four years, they have been to various countries in the six different continents and are still currently living a full-time nomadic life.

The Wandering Mum (http://www.thewanderingmum.com/)

Amy, author of The Wandering Mum blog, used to work as a travel agent, so it does not come as a surprise that her love for adventure and exploration continued even when she had her son.

Being a single mom makes travelling with a toddler challenging, but Amy has managed to pass the passion on to her young child, who she says gets really excited whether they are visiting some ancient Malay ruin in Borneo or just the local museum or zoo.

Exploramum (http://exploramum.com/)

A single mother from Australia, Exploramum’s travels with her son, Explorason, are not only about sightseeing and touring the world’s most popular landmarks and attractions, and learning and immersing in other cultures. The mother and son duo also do a lot of charity work while on the road.

They have been to Fiji, where they gave out clothes, food, and school supplies to the needy, and that experience inspired them to engage in more Random Acts of Kindness to make a difference even in the smallest ways.

Single Mum Travels (http://singlemumtravels.com/)

Tina-Louise, author of Single Mum Travels, started solo travelling while she was still a student, and now that she is a mom to a lovely son named Josh, she wants to impart the lessons and experiences she has had to her special one, to make him an intelligent, open-minded person who has respect and appreciation for the various religions and cultures of today’s world.

She and Josh have found themselves in the middle of the Amazon rainforests, gone to a luxury Dead Sea vacation, and visited a Polish Nazi Camp in the past few years, and their desire to explore the world more keeps on burning.

Escape Artistes (http://www.escapeartistes.com/)

The decision to leave England to travel the world with her son for at least 12 months came after what Theodora, author of Escape Artistes, describes a hellish year. After selling her London home, she bought two tickets to Asia and started a four-year, adventure-filled nomadic life with then-nine-year-old Zac.

In that span of time, she and Zac met elephants up close, tried various authentic Asian cuisines, snorkeled with the jellyfish off the lake on Kakaban Island in Indonesia, driving through the chaos on Lebanon’s roads, and learned to do Maths in Chinese.

Today, she and Zac, who is now 13, are temporarily based in Bali, and continue to go on trips around Indonesia, Europe, and other parts of Asia.

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